Copies of Visions of America have been sent out to a wide variety of online book reviewers and bloggers and many have already written about their thoughts and opinions of the book.

…I recently received a copy of Visions of America: Photographing Democracy by Joseph Sohm. The premise is based on a single question: “How do you photograph Democracy?” I’m reading the whole thing. Really reading it…and pondering the pictures in regards to the chapter headings and the text … Read more

Old Musty Books


I can’t remember when I’ve had the chance to review a book that was so perfect to share with readers of Sunday Salon. Joseph Sohm’s stunning Visions of America: Photographing Democracy is his view of the United States. There are over 1300 photographs and twenty-one essays in a book that leaves the reader in awe of the beauty of this country, and its people… Read more

Lesa Holstine

“Visions of America” is a masterpiece. It is an inspirational reminder of what this country once was and what it can be again if we remember who we are. I plan to leave the book out for friends and family to browse through; it is good medicine for these tough economic times.. …. Read more

Library Thing

I think Visions of America succeeds in celebrating the American experience and in honoring all. My husband, daughters, mother and I have all been thrilled as we thumbed through the pages. I came in the door the other day and my husband explained, “Awesome!” My mother said, “This is just wonderful.”…. Read More

A Readers Journal

This is more than an amazing book—it is an epic work so breathtaking that it is nearly beyond written description. Sohm brings more than 30 years of experience and devotion as a historian, teacher, photographer, and writer to bear on this monumental pictorial work capturing the breadth, depth, and subtlety of American culture. Clearly a labor of love for American people, places, and history, the book is the expression of a lifetime, both sprawling and intimate, spanning three decades, 50 states, and 1300 images of the people and places that constitute the very heart and soul of America, from its bustling cities to its smallest farms. VERDICT An epic achievement not only in documentary photography but also in social and cultural history, this will be a delight for the general public, scholars, and photographers. Most highly recommended.—

Raymond Bial, First Light Photography, Urbana, IL